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April is a month full of life!

Easter, Children's Day, Earth Month... they all come along for a Spring celebration.  The Clover Nursery, as a farm closest to city on Hong Kong Island, we welcomed two groups of college students and kids over the past month. Look how they enjoyed learning about seed saving and basic farming techinques!

1. Tomato Seed Saving

番茄留種 Tomato seed saving

Tomato seed saving workshop

Tomato seed saving requires processes of harvesting the seed, fermentation, rinsing, and drying in big bulk production. During our seed saving workshop, students participated in the harvesting process, and through team work some harvested more than 15 seeds within the time limit!

2. Choi sum Seed Saving

菜心留種 Choi sum seed saving

Choi sum seed saving workshop

菜心留種 Choi sum seed saving菜心留種 Choi sum seed saving

The 'fruits' of choi sum

Choi Sum seed saving is relatively easy, but not many students have seen the 'fruit' of choi sum! Our choi sum seed saving workshop not only offers the opportunity for students to try harvesting choi sum seed in classroom, but also bringing them to the field to see how this beloved vegetable on meal tables is actually a member of the ecosystem too!

3. Seed Game

種子辨認 Seed game

Do you still remember our seed game at "No More Food Waste Tomorrow" weekend market at The Mills? The game is enjoyed by many kids. During our workshop, students are divided into groups to finish the game together, while learning about the shape, smell and harvesting process of seeds.

4. Farm Work Experience Workshop

白菜移苗體驗 Pak Choi Transplant workshop

Growing black behi pak choi 

青瓜收割體驗 Cucumber Harvesting

Harvesting cucumber

April is time for the first harvest from early Spring seed sow, but also still a good timing for seed sowing. Our farm work experience workshop let students to try ploughing, transplanting a Summer variety of Pak choi, the Black Behi, but also the sweet harvest of cucumber and mint. 

5. Microgreen and Edible Flowers Workshop

microgreen workshop 微菜苗工作坊

Explaining about growing medium and seedlings cultivation

microgreen workshop 微菜苗工作坊

Cress microgreen

Hong Kong edible flower seed farming workshop and tour 食用花種子 香港種植工作坊農場參觀

Nasturtium has long flowering season, suitable for growing in Winter~Spring Hong Kong. A tangy wasabi flavour

Microgreens and edible flowers are strong in flavours, giving students a punch in their taste buds. Some students said they have seen from photos how microgreens and edible flowers are being used in Western cuisine but this was the first time tasting this punch. After tasting session, students are drawn to the seedling workshop where they can learn techniques of how to cultivate seedlings. These techniques not only applied to microgreens, but also most vegetable crops, so the techniques will become useful during their daily gardening.

6. Farm Tour

高華花園農場參觀 Clover Seed Clover Nursery Farm Tour

April is the flowering season of viola, adding colours to our farm tours

高華花園農場參觀 Clover Seed Clover Nursery Farm Tour

Students looking at our hydroponics system at The Clover Nursery 

Do you want to hold a farm tour or gardening workshops?

Within topics of climate change, the most important one is to build resilient city by building capacity of individuals. If we are all equipped with some skills of growing our own food, some basic knowledge of seed saving, and maintaining interests towards ecosystem, this will be the first step towards a resilient city.


If you are member of

  • Primary or Secondary school - wishing to hold agricultural-related out of school learning activities
  • University college - wishing to have your students setting up their own farms, or simply building up knowledge of gardening
  • Organisations and corporates - wishing to hold gardening workshop within your space, or wanting to visit The Clover Nursery to know how a seed company operates
  • Individuals with a group of around 20 people, with a specific topic that you'd like to learn about

and wishes to learn about seeds, or to hold workshop and farm tour, or to build a bespoke pedogogical garden, get in touch with us via WhatsApp: 9818-8650, Facebook or Instagram Message!

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