Summer Harvest Recipes


You are probably adapting to the extreme heat these few days. In the wisdom of Chinese medicine, this hottest time of the year, requires us to pay extra attention in clearing the dampness, and to regulate the qi in our body. Here are some delicious remedies made from our harvest!

高華種子 香港青瓜種子 青瓜收成 腌小黃瓜 青瓜醬油漬食譜 煮花生食譜 Hong Kong Clover Seed cucumber seed harvest recipes peanuts recipes

Shall we look at some tips on growing cucumbers and peanuts before moving onto the recipes?

Growing Cucumbers and Peanuts


Cucumber, just like wax gourd that belongs to the cucurbitaceae family, is said to be perfect for clearing extra heat and dampness in our body - causes of water retention.  Peanut, on the other hand, is good for the spleen, stomach and lung, which can be eaten throughout the year, especially when we intake too much iced drinks in Summer!

We talked about growing cucumbers in our SEED BLOG - Summer Series. Our recipe this time uses mini cucumber Fadia as our ingredient, but we recommend you to grow Passandra instead for Autumn sow in August-September, as this variety works better with shorter day-length. Expect first harvest within 2 months.

Peanuts, which seeds were saved in our Wong Chuk Hang nursery, is a variety with white flesh coated in a thin layer of red skin. This variety with big and fragrant nuts is perfect for boiling and drying. Similar to cucumber, peanuts can be grown twice a year in Hong Kong, and Autumn sow occurs in August - September. Expect harvest in 100 days. It is a long journey until harvest of peanuts, but it does not require much fertilizers or field management, it helps soil for nitrogen fixation, and it does not require much water as it grows well in sandy soil. Just one thing - peanuts need calcium - hydrated lime or bone meal can provide such element. Make sure to cook your peanuts as soon as possible after you harvest them - there are two reasons: wet peanuts can germinate very quickly, and dry peanuts are difficult to cook to the right texture.

高華種子 香港本地花生種子 花生收成 Hong Kong Clover Seed local peanut seed harvest

高華種子 香港本地花生種子 花生收成 Hong Kong Clover Seed local peanut seed harvest

Quick and Easy Summer Recipes

1. Taiwan-style Soy Sauce Pickled Cucumber

高華種子 香港青瓜種子 青瓜收成 腌小黃瓜 青瓜醬油漬食譜 Hong Kong Clover Seed cucumber seed harvest recipes

This is a very quick and easy recipes, but an authentic one which you will encounter in Taiwan cuisine.

Follow the below ratio for the pickle brine

  • Cucumber --------------------- x1
  • Soy sauce --------------------- 10ml
  • White Vinegar ----------------- 10ml
  • Sugar ---------------------------- 10g (feel free to adjust the amount)
  • Water -------------------------------- 5ml

1. Make sure your cucumbers are washed and wiped. Slice and put them into a clean glass container
2. Put all the seasoning into a small pot to make the brine. Turn off heat when sugar is melted
3. Pour in the brine to your cucumber. Store in refigerator overnight to allow thorough absorption. If the brine cannot cover all cucumber slices, make sure to mix them once or twice to allow full coverage  

We have garnished our cucumber pickles with the edible flower - Torenia this time. Torenia is refreshing, with a flavour of sour and sweetness, which matches the cucumber pickles. Apart from Passandra, you may also try this recipe with Green Beauty or White Fashion!

高華種子 香港青瓜種子 青瓜收成 腌小黃瓜 青瓜醬油漬食譜 Hong Kong Clover Seed cucumber seed harvest recipes

2. Boiled and Dried Salted Peanuts

鹹乾花生 Boiled and Dried Salted Peanuts 高華種子 香港本地花生種子 Hong Kong local peanuts seed harvest Clover Seed
This is a snack that has passed on generation in Southern China region, among different cultural groups such as Hakka or Teochew. Adjust the following ratio accordingly to the amount of your harvest.
  • Whole shell peanuts ---------------- x 100
  • Salt ------------------------- 2 teaspoons
  • Water ---------------------- Approx. 1.5L
  • Sichuan Peppercorn & Anise (*Optional) -- Approx. 15g
  • Whampi Leaves (*Optional) -------- x 2-3

1. Cook peanuts as soon as possible after their harvest. Wash thoroughly, then place into pot. Both tap water or boiling water work fine. Add salt and all spices into water.
2. When the water is boiled, turn to medium heat and boil for 1 hour. Taste the peanuts afterwards to make sure they are starting to get soft. Turn off heat and cover lid again, leave the peanuts for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
3. Take out the peanuts and sundried until dried. If you do not have the space and time, try baking the peanuts with 180℃ for 30 minutes, or until they are dried

Let us know if you have any rustic Summer recipes through Facebook/Instagram! Happy Gardening!

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