Red Lady Papaya Seedling
香港 紅妃木瓜苗 Hong Kong Papaya Seedling Red Lady Papaya
香港 紅妃木瓜苗 Hong Kong Papaya Seedling Red Lady Papaya
香港 紅妃木瓜苗 Hong Kong Papaya Seedling Red Lady Papaya

Red Lady Papaya Seedling

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Red Lady Papaya Seedling

9cm pot

  • Non-GMO papaya variety developed by Known You
  • Suitable to be transplanted between March to May in Hong Kong. The soonest harvest will be in August if transplanted in March
  • Seedlings cultivated at Clover Nursery with no chemical pesticide

Field Management for Red Lady Papaya

  • Temperature for optimum growth is 22-26°C, not sensitive to daylength, but loves lots of sunlight and warmth
  • First 6 months is the early stage of field management. Fertilise the plant with sufficient nitrogen. In warmer weather, Red Lady Papaya will bloom and start fruiting in 4-5 months from transplant
  • After 6 months, or when the plant starts to bloom, fertilise with sufficient potassium. Consider adding fertiliser every 20-30 days, and using leaf fertiliser in between
  • Papaya is a shallow-rooted plant that enjoys well-drained soil, but avoid dryness
  • During typhoon season, consider holding pole for wind prevention
  • Red Lady is a breed of ringspots-virus-resistant, but look out for red spiders. In rainy season, look out for snails and ants

Harvesting Red Lady Papaya

  • Bearing 35-50 fruits each plant
  • Long-shape bisexual fruits. Weight: 1.3-2 kg, 3 kg during high yield season
  • Red-orange flesh during optimum growth season (pale red during low temperature season)
  • Harvest when there are 3-4 yellow line on fruit skin, or when fruit skin turns all yellow. Brix: 13%. Green papaya can be harvested when fruit is plump

Pickup at Ocean Park Station (every Wednesday 13:30) or Clover Nursery (Weekday).
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