F1 Red Cabbage - Omero (Coated)
香港紅椰菜 紫椰菜 種子 Hong Kong Red Cabbage Purple Cabbage Seed

F1 Red Cabbage - Omero (Coated)

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Red Cabbage - Omero

20 seeds 

F1 Hybrid

  • Sowing time: SEP-JAN
  • 73 days from transplanting, vibrant red 
  • Round to slightly oval shape. Weight: ~1.36kg
  • Good, slightly sweet and peppery flavor
  • Suitable for planting at close spacing to produce mini heads
  • Seeds are coated
  • Johnny's Selected Seeds 

Germination Temperature (℃): 20~30; 20
Days to Germinate: 5-10

Spacing: 30-40cm