Chinese Radish - SL-13
香港早水耙齒白蘿蔔種子 Radish Seed Hong Kong
香港早水耙齒白蘿蔔種子 Radish Seed Hong Kong

Chinese Radish - SL-13

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Chinese Radish -  SL13

1g (~60 seeds)

OP Chinese Radish

  • Sowing time: SEP-OCT
  • A very fast-growing variety with 45 days maturity
  • Leaves are spoon-shape and smooth
  • Roots are long and white, with smooth skin and stumped ends
  • Very high heat and rain tolerance, suitable for early autumn sowing

Germination Temperature (℃): 20<=>30; 20
Days to Germinate: 4 - 10

Spacing: 10-20cm