Our Seeds

✓Guaranteed Non-GMO Seeds
✓Guaranteed High Germination Rate
✓Test grow in Hong Kong to ensure suitability for local condition 

Conventional Breeding Method

Clover Seed was established as a seed trading company, but gradually developed as a breeding company since 1997. Adopting the conventional breeding method, we have developed products that are more suitable for modern lifestyle, such as smaller families, from a range of South China crops. Our wax gourd and golden cucumber are examples of such varieties.
高華種子 小冬瓜 高華種子 老黃瓜

MAS Technology

Marker-assisted Selection (MAS) is different from GMO. It does not modify the gene of a plant, but is a process of using DNA markers as indirect selection criteria to quickly distinguish traits of a particular crop at the early stage of crop breeding.  For instance, selecting the Pungency (PUN) or Potyvirus Resistance in peppers, or Fusarium screening on wax gourd.  This is a technology that may assist our plant breeders on the selection of disease resistant lines and hybrids, while predicting the performance of a certain crop.
Purity of seed is a top priority for the production of quality seed, to achieve better harvest and to maintain farmers' income. Our laboratory was lauched since 2007, focuses on marker development and plant pathology.  

高華種子 植物病毒檢測

高華種子 辣椒

Seed Quality

Seed vigour, moisture, physical purity and genetic purity are all factors for crop harvesting. Our retail store provides our own breed, but also seeds from the USA, Netherland, the UK and Japan. To ensure that these seeds perform with similar virus resistance, and are suitable for planting in Hong Kong, all varieties being sold has been grown in our local farm and nursery. We also conduct seed testing according to ISTA Rules regularly to ensure the germination rate of our seeds.