Recipe for Calendula Rosemary Balm

Body balm, or salve, is one of the oldest and easiest to make skincare product, given that you have made botanic infused oil using completely dried ingredients. One botanic infused oil can be found here

If you are using olive oil , not adding any essential oil, then the shelf life is around 2 yearsIf essential oil is added, then the recommended shelf life is 6 monthsBeeswax is used to solidify the infused oil, but also comes with the benefit of skin protection and moisturization.Vitamin E is also good for your skin, but the main reason fir adding this component is to prolong shelf life, though you can still make body balm that can be kept for two years without vitamin E.

Recipe for Calendula Balm


  • Botanic infused oil 100ml
  • Beeswax 10g
  • Essential oil 0.4ml = approx. 8 drops (optional)
  • Vitamin E <1ml(optional)


  1. Sterilize the containers that you will use for keeping the body balm, by using boiling water or ethanol
  2. Double boil ro melt the beeswax
  3. Pour in the infused oil, heat the mixture for 1 minute, give it a light stir
  4. Add essential oil and vitamin E according to your preference
  5. Pour in the mixture into your container. Avoid covering the lid until mixture is fully cooled.

Apart from calendula, you can also make this body balm by using herbs,gomphrenaorindian borageto make the body balm that best fit your need!