What should I grow?

We update our seasonal seeds and seedlings regularly, but for your reference:

【DEC - FEB】All kinds of Brassicas, Swiss Chard, Beets, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Sweet Peppers, All kinds of herbs

【FEB - MAR】Peanut, Bush Bean, All kinds of Gourds for Summer Harvest, Marigold, Black Behi Pakchoi, Summer Chinese Mustard

【APR - MAY】All kinds of Gourds for Summer Harvest, Yard Long Bean, Amaranthus, Shiso, Gomphrena and other Amaranthaceae flowers

【JUN - AUG】Seed sow not recommended. But you can grow Pandan, Butterfly pea, Lemongrass from our seedling stocks

【AUG - SEPT】All kinds of Gourds for Autumn Harvest, Peanuts, Chili, Coriander, Early Radish, Swiss Chard

【SEPT - NOV】Taproots, Herbs, Tomatoes, Brassicas, Calendula

【YEAR ROUND】Sunflower, Microgreen