OCT-NOV Seasonal Seed

There are too many varieties suitable to grow in Hong Kong's October and November! 

We could only pick the 30 varieties which we wanted to introduce you the most. Apart from our new member Ornamental Chili - Treasure Red, under the decreasing temperature, carotenoid and anthocyanidin will give the best performance in colouring the flowers like Calendula and French Marigold, but also other vegetables and herbs like Kale, Purple Pakchoi and Red Basil Rosie. Another element is the betanin, also performs its best in Winter and is to be intake with Beets and Swiss Chards.

What's more - vegetables that needs forming heads such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Chinese Mustard - Tai Ping Po are best choices this season. Mustard and Kohlrabi will bring you nice Winter pickles. Varieties that takes time to mature, like Chinese Kale - Swatow Thick Stem, or White Flowered Late, Celery and Chinese Celery are easy to care for. Come try growing them out!