Seed to Sow DEC - FEB

From December to next February, it would be the last round to grow your Autumn-Winter crops in Hong Kong. At this time, your first round of harvest is ready, and the temperature cools down due to shorter daylength. This is a good time to grow some vegetables that requires more time to grow, but, hence more flavour!

Tat Choi, a Pakchoi variety that is native to East China grows well in Hong Kong's Winter. Taproots vegetables are also great choice, especially Carrot - Kuroda Type and Beet - Clover No.3. Go for Beet - Red Ace and Beet - Touchstone Gold if you are aiming for something that grows quick. For fan of leafy greens, 80-days Choi Sum and Chinese Kale - White Flowered Late which takes time to produce sophisticated flavour will be your crop to grow this Winter. Also look into our popular Kohlrabi - UFO, and our new selection Lacinato Kale - Nero di Toscana!