F1 紅蘿蔔 Rainbow / F1 Carrot - Rainbow

F1 紅蘿蔔 Rainbow / F1 Carrot - Rainbow

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紅蘿蔔 Rainbow 種子40粒


適宜播種期 9月至12月

• 早熟(約67天成熟)

• 17-22cm長

• 多色,口感嫩甜,每種顏色味道有少許不同,但熟期一致


美國Johnny's Selected Seeds 出品


Carrot  Rainbow 40 seeds

Hybrid F1 

Sowing date: SEP-DEC
• Early maturity (around 67 days)
• Rainbow is a single variety with color variability, it will mature uniformly
• 17-22cm tapered roots
• The flavor varies a bit with root color, but all are tender, sweet, and flavorful
• Medium-tall, strong tops

*Film coated seeds NOP certified organic coated for ease of sowing

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