Seedlings Pre-order & Saturday Pickup

Thank you for your interest, our pre-order for 14-20 OCT pickup is closed.

We will be announcing the second round in October, so you can pre-order for November Pickup.  This November collection will be filled with more flower and herb seedlings, and will be launched at around start - mid of November. 
If you need more than 10 seedlings of the same variety, let us know anytime!
For now, check our our September Pre-order procedure for your reference:

香港購買番茄苗 茄子苗 甜椒苗 辣椒苗 香草苗及盆栽 Hong Kong Buy Tomato seedlings, eggplant seedlings, paprika seedlings, herbs seedlings and pot plant

We've started growing solanaceae and herb seedlings!

To prevent your disappointment of not finding the seedlings that you want during your visit, and to avoid wasting seedlings, we are adapting to a monthly reservation service for seedlings. This also include one Saturday Nursery Pickup Service during months where seedlings are available.

To make a reservation

  1. Fill in this form before 15 SEPT

  2. We will contact you via WhatsApp to confirm order including payment method

  3. Clover Seed staff will contact you again around 6 OCT to confirm pickup date

  4. Pickup on a day between 14-20 OCT 

Newly Added - 14 OCT Saturday Pickup

Time: 10:00 - 15:00

Address: The Clover Nursery - office and nursery (Check here for direction)

Available products: seeds booked online, solanaceae seedlings, herb seedlings, and you are welcome to BYOB for our farm-produced floral tea!

To add a few notes:

*You can still find some seedlings on-the-spot at The Clover Nursery, but we will prioritize reservation, so not all varieties are available for sale. We recommend you to pre-order yours too!

*Some seedlings are available via SF Express. Please check individual product page for more

*If you are getting 10 or more seedlings of the same variety at once, then you may contact us via WhatsApp:9818-8650 to book a pickup date at your choice

*If you missed this one, the next pickup session will be at the start November. Details will be available in October